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June 18, 2009

A message from K – Because politely, we won’t be SILENCED!!!

Sounds Irish.. perhaps my Irish friends can make contact? Cos i think they are onto something! Better than national socialism at the very least!

Peace and Love²

OK, with all the nonsense…

April 5, 2009

I’m having some difficulty with the wordpress interface, and getting some videos to work here!

So, I’m going to switch the blog to

so in case you’re wondering where I am – try there first! lol

Each Moment New… beautiful!

April 5, 2009

Each Moment New

Yet another reason to hang out on TheSpartacat’s channel occasionally 🙂


Bill Moyers Journal – William K. Black

April 4, 2009

The financial industry brought the economy to its knees, but how did they get away with it? With the nation wondering how to hold the bankers accountable, Bill Moyers sits down with William K. Black, the former senior regulator who cracked down on banks during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s. Black offers his analysis of what went wrong and his critique of the bailout

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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My life would suck without you all!

April 4, 2009

Kelly Clarkson-My Life Would Suck Without You

Are we all so very dysfunctional?

Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for tryin’ to pick a fight
I know that I’ve got issues
But you’re pretty messed up too
Eitherway, I found out I’m nothing without you

Cuz we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you

Being with you is so dysfunctional
I really shouldn’t miss you
But I cant let you go
Oh yeah

I’ll be making more videos folks, just not as often… but when something really big hits – I’ll be here!

Enjoy a silly little pop song…

Playing For Change – Stand By Me

April 4, 2009

As usual my day is brightened by music. A comment left on an earlier blog entry – worthy of a blog entry all by itself.

Playing for change have a plan

In case you missed the video link –

Enjoy 🙂

I’ll try to embed it here – but WordPress is having a hard time with the object!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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And they think we’re crazy to stand up for our rights?

April 4, 2009

Just read a most disturbing story, and thought I’d give it out to you all.

When I did the video on Baby P, and told people to be aware of what our government was about to do, in the name of child protection, I had many who resented my apparent insensitivity to the issue.

Well, you get what you ask for if you don’t stand up to the system…

Now before you say anything about the gay couple issue, that is not the point! I want you to read the whole article. and understand how the two boys are in care and are about to be adopted away from their mother and grandparents.

Family in 11th-hour legal battle to halt brothers’ adoption by gay couple

The brothers have been in foster care for two years. Social workers began to monitor their mother when she suffered post-natal depression after the birth of her first son though there is no suggestion that she has harmed or neglected the children.

The boys were placed on the ‘at risk’ register four years later after her husband hit her.
Social workers claimed the 38-year-old mother had allowed them to be ’emotionally harmed’ because one of the boys witnessed his father physically abusing her.

The couple later separated and the mother took out an injunction to stop her estranged husband coming to the family home. However, she relented and agreed to let him see his sons. When this was discovered, social workers took the children into care in March 2007.

She says: ‘The boys kept saying they missed their father. I made a mistake by letting him back to see them. But that does not mean I should lose my sons for ever.’

BTW, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Here we have a case from January

“How can you tell a mother that when she’s never going to see her children again?”

The five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister were being cared for by their grandparents because their mother, a recovering heroin addict, was not considered capable.

But social workers stepped in to remove the children from their care because of concerns about their age, despite the grandmother being just 46 and the grandfather 59.

Their 26-year-old mother, who cannot be be named to protect the identity of her children, has condemned the decision and says she wants her children to be raised by a “mum and dad”.

This article has a number of other stories of similar cases.