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Even the kids need to be prepared for the changes to come..

March 27, 2009

Apparently Sesame Street has been enlisted to assist during ‘Emergencies’ – aimed at kids. Still wonder that TPTB aren’t trying to get the ‘awake’ ready?

Watch and learn…

Peace everyone (and your kids too!)

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  1. March 28, 2009 2:23 AM

    That is truly disturbing to say the least!

    If anybody has any doubts about what to be ready for, just read some of the comments on the BBC’s ‘have your say’ page on the G20:

    The people that are commenting on there are real people like you and me and those real people are getting very angry, like a bear that has been woken from hibernation too early.

    Here is just one comment, out of the 1213 total (at time of writing this)


    G-20: Can governments restore global economy?

    To be honest, I am not that bothered & am more & more leaning towards hoping for a total collapse & a total overhaul of government systems & removal of so much ineptitude & incompetence that is endemic within G-20 governments.

    It might also make people realise that they ultimately need to take more responsibility in all things & a bit of suffering may wake people up to what is ultimately important to our sustainability & wellbeing.


    Makes you think doesn’t it?

    Take care all, peace and be careful, we may be in for a spot of turbulence.

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