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Wired Pirate is looking for a logo!

March 29, 2009

Hey everyone,

My friends over at are looking for a good logo to use on handouts at various tea parties, etc… any budding artists out there looking for a fun project?

BTW – they have a good link to ‘Tea Parties’ in the US on the 15th!

You need to be registered to get into wiredpirate but it’s free (it’s for security and to reduce spammers)

Page is here

(Yes wiredpirate are the Reinhardt fans; but there’s way more in there than just Reinhardt!)


more August Rush music to enjoy

March 29, 2009

Music of August Rush

The music is what connects us all…

All you have to do – is listen

Peace, follow the music of your heart

Love conquers all – really it does!

March 28, 2009

Jonathan Rhys Meyers-August Rush

you will all like this – i (((NEED))) you all

peace and love and understanding


Watch out for Conficker!

March 28, 2009

I’ll be doing a video on this – but I thought I’d share the links here…

(Montagraph’s channel here)

The Conficker worm has been spreading around; but the real fun starts on April 1st. Some new code will be triggered (and the experts aren’t entirely sure what it will do!).

Clean your machines before the 1st – and then be careful – be sure to run your anti-virus, and make sure it’s up to date!

Run the ‘Malicious Software Removal Tool’ before applying patch – it will remove any instances ‘waiting’ on your machine. And be sure to ‘save’ it, so you can run it after the 1st…

Microsoft Patch here (Click the OS version you are running to get the right version).

Is this real? Well government agencies around the world have been hit by it:

French fighter planes grounded by computer virus

Houses of Parliament computers infected with Conficker virus

Conficker Windows virus infects 15 million PCs

New strain of ‘Windows worm’ could trigger fresh virus outbreak

The new version has some unusual ‘talents’…

The new version, dubbed Conficker B++, circumvents many of the protections put in place to defend against the old worm. It could also make it more difficult for antivirus companies to track down where the virus originated from and put a halt to its spread, by removing the need for Conficker B++ to “phone home” to a remote server in order to download more malicious software to a compromised computer.

But be careful – and get a bootable ubuntu distro in case the worm makes it past the protection you’ve put in place –

Earlier this month, Microsoft issued a $250,000 reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of Conficker’s authors. The company has also released a set of removal tools and software patches to combat the worm, but these may not offer protection against new strains of the virus.

Security specialists feared that the original Conficker outbreak had been engineered by hackers and cybercriminals to build a “botnet”, a network of compromised machines that could then be used to launch malicious attacks, and even to remotely activate tools and software that would have made it easy for cybercriminals to steal personal information or even banking login details.

Get Ubuntu install here – probably best to get a ‘bootable’ distribution ISO if possible!

Microsoft’s write up on this Worm (click the Analysis tab)

Wikipedia article on Conficker in detail


Even the kids need to be prepared for the changes to come..

March 27, 2009

Apparently Sesame Street has been enlisted to assist during ‘Emergencies’ – aimed at kids. Still wonder that TPTB aren’t trying to get the ‘awake’ ready?

Watch and learn…

Peace everyone (and your kids too!)

A good G20 protest video to send round…

March 26, 2009

A fun and hip G20 protest promo to spread around… Hope everyone going to Saturday’s protests keep a happy fun mood! No hope for Wednesday’s protests though… keep safe everyone 🙂

Here’s the video (linked off my G20 will fail video) :

Romania calls on IMF emergency funding

March 26, 2009

In a move that brings the seventh county under emergency aid from the IMF in Eastern Europe, Romania calls for €20 Billion in aid from the IMF. At least the IMF is using slightly less difficult terms now…

Bucharest’s property market has crashed after a boom financed by cheap mortgages in euros and Swiss francs. An 18pc fall in Romania’s leu since September has left borrowers facing a sharp jump in debt payments.

Capital Economics says the economy is likely to contract by 7.5pc this year, with no recovery until well into 2010. The country built up a current account deficit of 16pc of GDP last year, leaving it exposed as foreign investors pull out of the area.

The aid package comes with strings attached. Romania must push through austerity measures and cut its budget deficit to 3pc over the two next years. There are doubts over the willingness of premier Emil Boc to abide by any conditions. Romania has a history of breaching IMF deals.